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Fulfillment & Distribution

Though our services are comprehensive, we aim to make your supply chain simple. For this reason, we also specialize in order processing and delivery for e-commerce businesses. This process includes storage, receiving and storing inventory, processing orders, pick and pack, inserting packing slips, and shipping for your B2B and B2C customers.

Our storage capacity is 7,000 m2 and growing. We collaborate with DHL, DHL Express, UPS, FedEx, PPL, DPD and Geis —all at discounted rates. We also work with smaller regional and private carriers for your larger B2B orders within Europe.

We can help you create and print custom packaging, package your products, and deliver them to your warehouse or store them in our warehouse. Covering your B2C distribution is also within our wheelhouse, or we can arrange B2B distribution and you can take care of your e-commerce orders – the choice is yours!

Why cooperate with us

What we supply…


Wherever you are, whatever the size of your order, we can deliver all of the production to your warehouse or straight to your customer’s door.

Cost efficiency

Outsource your warehouse or e-commerce fulfillment and align your costs with demand for your products! Monthly costs can be easily adjusted to order flows or seasonal demand.

Strategic location

For e-commerce needs, our European operations are based Central Europe with commiserate pricing. However, for B2B segments we ship worldwide.

1-day fulfillment

All e-commerce orders received before 10:00 am (CET) are shipped the same day. All orders received after 10:00 am (CET) ship the next day.

What we bring to the table

our services

supply.do streamlines your workflow with customers, from packaging design, printing and fulfillment to delivery of the packaged product.

Do you need a reliable supplier of packaging, printed matter or fulfillment?

David Klímek

founder & ceo