EVE Thermo

Higher efficiency with full complexity

This is one of our favorite projects, involving 3 months of planning, artwork, workflow setups, printing, fulfillment, and delivery to the customer’s production facility. Talk about complexity – this project has it all! From different components for printing and kitting to fulfillment of boxes and shipping fully loaded trucks.

“EVE Thermo is our most important product for Europe. That’s why we needed to select a reliable supplier capable of managing the accompanying complexity. David and his team not only have experience with projects that have a lot of moving parts like ours, but also the right attitude and approach to projects and people. With SupplyDo, we have found a unique supplier who has proven to make everything work.”

Philipp Guse

Director Program Management

One small change makes a big difference

Some components – the Quick guide, Feedback card and Manual – go inside a molded pulp container with the product. These 3 booklets are the same size, but differ in terms of paper type, amount of pages and folding/binding. In collaboration with EVE’s team, we started bundling these booklets using a small piece of paper tape. This bundle is inserted immediately into the packaging instead of as part of 3 operations during fulfillment.

What did we learn from this project?

Program Eve Thermo to reduce the temperature when everyone’s left for the day and then raise the temperature automatically when a member of the household returns – all configured via your iPhone using HomeKit, not a proprietary cloud service. You’ll be able to save energy while you’re away and make your home a haven of relaxation when you’re there.


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Do you need a reliable supplier of packaging, printed matter or fulfillment?

David Klímek

founder & ceo