EVE Energy

A powerful box – control your lights and appliances anywhere in the world

EVE Systems requested 2-pack boxes for another product – EVE Energy. These boxes were meant for use in retail sales of EVE Energy products, where e-commerce or retailers can sell a more convenient set of two. They had new artwork, but we were asked to create a new construction and design it accordingly.


  • Design
  • Printing
  • Fulfillment
  • Distribution for the US, EU and UK

David and SupplyDo have been extremely helpful in accomplishing both short-term as well as intricately planned projects. We’ve been purchasing packaging materials from them for our US business, with all aspects from paper selection to artwork to shipping modifications carefully considered and communicated to us in a timely and efficient manner. We like working with David because he always delivers!”

Susanne Nowak

Director, Operations & Finance

3 types of outlets = 2 box sizes

We had to make sure every single EVE Energy box fit well into our box while ensuring that customer were just as positive about this packaging as the original box. But that wasn’t our only challenge. These products are based on 3 types of outlets. The US outlet is the largest one, as is the EVE Energy US single box. So, we designed 1 construction, in 2 sizes, and delivered more cost-effective printing for all 3 products.

What did we learn from this project?

Thanks to the EVE Energy Smart Plug & Power Meter, you can control lights and appliances with a simple tap, or ask Siri and see how much power they’re using. There are many reasons to monitor your power consumption and projected cost. EVE Energy gives you the insights you need to manage yours – and gain a complete overview by entering your electricity rate.




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David Klímek

founder & ceo