The everything box – all you need is inside

We always like it when customers ask us to test out or even leave us a product as a gift. Polaroid exceeded those expectations by providing us with two – OneStep+ OneStep2. The request was clear and the plan was simple. Package their original OneStep product in an identical retail box, while also accommodating all the necessary accessories.

“We came up with the idea to create a package that would help customers get all their Polaroid parts at once. We also knew that this type of camera would be replaced by a new model in the near future, and we found a way to sell off most of our stock. We chose David and his team based on client recommendations and it was a great match. Just like The Everything box project.”

Make it fit

This new box needed to accommodate a camera, manual, film pack, and photo box. And that’s exactly how we designed it. The larger sister box we created looks exactly like the original single box and contains everything Polaroid´s customers need for greater convenience.

What did we learn from this project?

Did you know? With Polaroid OneStep+, you can unlock next level creative control with the Polaroid app. Go from point-and-shoot automatic mode to full manual control, double exposure to light painting, remote to noise trigger, or get yourself in frame with the self-timer.


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done within 4 weeks

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David Klímek

founder & ceo